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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Wanted it -You Got it

Have you noticed how things these days are all interactive?  You do not buy the album anymore, you pick a selection of random songs.  Mountain Dew and Doritos brand have even allowed their fans to pick some of their products recently.  When did this start?  How did this start?  Growing up, I can remember looking into my cupboards and seeing one type of everything:  Original.  (Seriously, Listerine, Cheerios, Lays Chips...Dad please!)

The reason this phenomenon started is the increase of accessible technology...aka the Internet.  The consumer is now the king.  The product serves the person, not the other way around.  About a month ago at church, I was asked to preach for three consecutive weeks so I set a pad of paper and a pen in the chapel, and asked the congregation to pick the sermons.* 

I called the sermon series:  "You wanted it -You got it!" 

Things went well, and I will most likely do this again in the future. 

Do you have a topic you would like me to preach about?
Do you have a verse of Scripture that you would like preached on a Sunday morning? 

Feel free to write me and I will do my best! 

*One person picked a sermon that was very interesting, he called it, "Keep it under 20 minutes!
I thought that was genius...btw.   

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