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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

-Breathe Again

Keep it together today.
Gotta be stong so my family doesn't fade away

If you get out and walk around in this valley of pain,
I'd bet your heart and mind would almost go insane.

"Lord help me be stong" I pray;
Right now -this is all I can ask for
It is all my lips can conjor up to say.

Because a crevis has been dug,
A well deep within;
And an open gash lays bare in my soul
Baby Anthony, your memory takes it toll-

So I sit here. Still.
Telling myself, "you've got to be strong"
Remember ... always, 'Tougher than the Rest'
Forget yourself,
You are strong ... Take it all on the chest.

Straighten up your back ... your OK.
Be the man.
Throw off that old beaten up raggedy man.
Jesus, your grace
Make it easy for me to Breathe again.


Anonymous said...

love you guys tryyyyyyy tryyyyy tryyyyy to enjoy the rest of your vacation i cant wait to see you guys when you get back keep the faith stay classy

VTC said...

Well said! God is Just and Gracious!

VTC said...

Well said!! God ia Just and Gracious!

VTC said...

Well said!! God is Just and Gracious!

Anonymous said...

Anthony and Christen, i came across your blog through NILMDTS on fb, first let me say how sorry i am on Baby Anthony's passing..athough he passed on to be with Jesus as parents we want our babies her with us in our empty loving arms...I read one of your blogs about getting back to normal, us parents at the NILMDTS forum, say we do not go back to normal, but this is our new precious baby Eric was born on Sept 8, 1982 he was fullterm 42wks, complications during delivery caused brain damage at birth, my son was on life support for 2wks then he was taken off, This is a new lifelong journey you and your wife have been given, a road no parent ever wants to travel, it has plenty of bumpy roads, road blocks, and dead ends...but stay focused on the Lord and when you hit a dead end he will always guide you to the road that is the smoothest to travel, My husband and i are decades ahead of you and your wife on our journey and after 28years let me assure you the sun will start to shine more often and your hearts will start to smile on your journey...and if you or your wife ever need the support of parents who are traveling down this road the NILMDTS forum is a blessing...Be blessed this evening...

Anthony K said...

thank you for your words of wisdom. i know God is good...there are times this sets in and the pain just rises to top.

Anonymous said...

And by all means my brother in Christ, allow yourself to grieve, you had hopes and dreams for Baby Anthony and they are no longer, grieveing is not dwelling on your loss, you are remembering and validating Baby Anthony's life, he had a place in this world and his life very much mattered, as a christian i was made to feel as though my faith was lacking if i cried and grieved i was even told that my first mother's day at church when i broke down as the mother's day ceremony started, i was told i was being wasnt that at all i also had hopes and dreams for my Baby Eric, and as much as i rejoiced for my son being with his heavenly father, my heart still ached...That is what my Jesus is for to carry me and guide me when i was at my lowest, another thing both my husband and i relied on was each others faith, when i couldnt see past the pain, my dear husband had enough faith for both of us, as well as i for him...Our family will keep your family in prayer...Your words are very true...God is a good God...