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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So there is this verse of Scripture in the Bible that says that, "Gossip spreads like a cancer."  I can remember one time seeing an illustration of how gossip spreads when I was in high school.  My youth pastor took us outside of the church and had a pillow and a knife in his hands.  (This was a considered normal for Pastor Dave btw). 

He then read the above verse and then plunged the knife into the pillow exposing the inside feathers.  He began walking around teaching about the sin of gossip.  As he was teaching, he was also shaking the pillow and feathers dropped out of it like water from the sky.   The point was powerful. 

Our gossip can spread like quickly and make a mess. 

-However, his teaching was not over. 
When the pillow was empty and the ground was covered in white...he asked us to take a minute and pick up as many feathers as possible.  I can remember looking at the ground and thinking this can never be done.  I was right.  Even after all of the youth group attempted to gather up the feathers, we simply could not pick them all up. 

Pastor Dave had made his point again.  Gossip not only spreads quickly but it also cannot be retracted. 

I bet you have experienced this in your life.  Whether it is you who is spreading the gossip or whether it is you who have been gossiped against, it has a way of moving from one person to the other and often times it is impossible to stop its ugly effects.
Jesus says that if you have a problem with your brother or sister, go to them directly.  Simple, yet difficult at times.  One thing I try to do is to have a spirit of humility lead me when talking with others.  I find that most people have good intentions and are really trying their best.  This helps me keep things in the proper perspective. 
So if you find yourself in a gossip ring or if you are the creator of gossip, stop. The reality is those who will gossip with you will also gossip about you.


Drake Sigar said...

Who's the real fool, the gossip or the people who believe him/her.

Anthony K said...

I like the comment. Thanks!