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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want everything that you are and nothing that your not

I have made an important discovery that all people with children have known, but did not let me in on.

-Baby Brain-

Maybe my friends wanted me to experience this for myself.  Who knows?  Maybe they are sitting back and laughing as I go through what all men had to go through while their wives were prego. 

Enough with the speculation.  Let's just get strait to the point. 

I have noticed that Christen either really likes me or...really...should I even say?

These "moments" come and go like a fridge raiding in the middle of the night.  For instance, just last night, as we were going to bed, Christen snugs over to me and falls asleep on my shoulder.  (I felt like a true hero at this point).  This behaviour continued all the way till this morning (I felt like a Jedi). 


As she gets out of the car to go to work, I say, "I see the old Christen is back and I am lovin it!" 

She turns her head 360 degrees and says, "FOR NOW" 

I drive away trembling and I think to myself:

Q-She was kidding right?

Possible Answers Flooding My Mind:

A-I am not sure!
B-This is the beginning of my doom!
C-She will forget about what I said!
D-She will think I was just kidding!
E-I am the man of the house!
F-I will not pick her up from work
G-I will pretend to have gotten seriously hurt, and hope that her feelings for her brave husband will overcome her wanting to execute justice. 

Although the above story is mostly true and Baby Brain is definitly a real thing.  There is a point to all of this.  Go back to the title of this blog.  I want everything that you are and nothing that your not.  This line is taken from a U2 song and it has always intreged me because it shows a depth of love that is not found in much of our modern music.

It means that we should love our spouses as they are...100%  A total packege of all the good, the bad, and the Baby Brain.  It is what couples stand up and pledge to one another on their wedding day. 

*Now just before you think that Anthony has lost his touch, the very last thing I did when my wife was getting out of the car was grab her close and wisper in her ear...

I want everything that you are and nothing that your not

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