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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lindsay Lohan

Here is a post on facebook from a friend of mine: 

"Lindsay Lohan, 24, is all over the news because she's a celebrity drug addict. Justin Allen, 23; Brett Linley, 29; Matthew Weikert, 29; ,Justus Bartett, 27; Dave Santos, 21; Chase Stanley 21; ,Jesse Reed, 26; Matthew Johnson, 21; Zachary Fisher, 24; Brandon King, 23; Christopher Goeke, 23; and Sheldon Tate, 27, are all... Marines... that ... gave their lives this week --no media mention"

Sorry to say, but if Lindsay was my neighbor or just a no-name, she would be spending a great deal of time behind bars. 
What is our obsession with these celebrities? 
Why do we hold them to a different standard than the rest of us? 

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