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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do not ask God to bless what you are doing...

The title may shock you, but it comes from one of my favorite theologians, Bono.  He said a wise man once asked him to Stop asking God to bless what you're doing and to get involved in what God is doing -- because it's already blessed.  

So the question I have and hopefully you have running in your mind is:  How do we know what God is doing?

Some people think they know what God is doing and fly planes into buildings and some people think they know what God is doing and leave society and turn themselves into a Monk.  I would recommend that in order to know the answer to that question, you must find your answer in the Bible.  God has revealed Himself via the Scriptures.  So it would not be a bad idea to start there. 

And don't forget that Jesus is the fullest expression of who God is.  Jesus said that "He does only what He sees the Father doing."  In other words, the Son mirrors the Father.  Cool huh?

So take some time to read the Bible, maybe the Gospel of Luke.  When you are reading it, focus on the words and the meanings.  Be aware of the people Jesus spent His time with.  Think about how Jesus responded to questions and how He loved to teach using objects.  I think you will be blessed if you do try this. 

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