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Monday, March 7, 2011

Leadership Value #8: Where's the Beef?

-I can remember eating at a Wendy's Restaurant with my mom about a year ago. 
As we sat, I noticed how much the employees (mostly teens) acted with respect toward the customer and were trying their best to get everything right.

*(You & I both know that this is NOT typical for a group of teenager's working at a fast food joint.)
This is what led me to speak to the manager. 

-I simply introduced myself and informed him of the good report concerning his employees. 
Then, I told him I have one question.. 

"Why do your employees work the way they do? 

His response was quick and to the point.

"I never ask any person to do anything that I will not do myself."

-His attitude is what leadership value number 8 is all about. 
          Either you lead by example OR you do not lead at all.

Remember that as a leader, you only have 2 tools at your disposal:
1.  What you Say
2.  How you Act

And when those two aspects match up, you build your greatest asset of all when leading


And just a SIDE NOTE before I conclude: 
If you do not think that Credibility is vital.  
Do not be surprised when your people sit around asking this question about you...

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