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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leadership Value #10: Touching the Heart

This last point could have been the very first. 

 If you are leading without Uplifting the Heart's of your followers
                    --then you are just going through the motions. 

Great leaders desire to take people with them, and when things are said and done, a great leaders desire is to see the team enhanced. 

This is what leading at a higher level is all about. 

Ironically, if you have read over the last 9 leadership posts on Working on a Dream. Then you will have noticed that many of the qualities that great leaders display are the very qualities that even some of our most treacherous ones did as well.

For example, we learned that Credibility is one of a leaders most valued asset.  And to build up credibility, you should Do What You Say You Will Do (DWYSYWD).
Adolf Hitler did what he said he would do.  His words matched his actions. 

This is why Leading to Uplift, is imperative in your leadership repertoire
You must lead your people to a Higher Level. 
One that will better the world. 
One that lifts people. 

One that values your neighbor. 

One where after people have worked close with you
-walk away-
and ready to change the world for the better.


piano teacher said...

This is really inspiring to me.

Anthony K said...

Thanks so much!

I really try to inspire others as I myself am inspired.

May the Lord lift up your spirit as you seek Him...