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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leadership Value #5: 2 hearts are better than 1

Thus far, we have seen that leadership starts with the individual.  Today, we will make a shift and focus in on the good people that you have the privilege to guide.  One thing I know is true.  No leader ever got anything extraordinary done just by themselves. 

Yes, you may be talented.
Yes, you may have charisma.
But one of us is not as effective as all of us.

Great leadership is truly a team sport.  It is about getting the wrong people off of your team, the right people on the team -and then finding out where everyone best fits on the field. 

Harry Truman once said that people can get anything done as long as they don't care who gets the credit.  --Keep this in mind when leading. 

The majority of people want to be involved in something great.  And I bet you want to do something special in your lifetime too.  This being the case, a leader must tap into the heart of their team and allow them to dream and know that they matter.

This will give everyone a sense of significance. 
And I promise you --if you gather up a group of people; tap into the deep springs of their will be on your way to something powerful!

-Are you in a leadership position?
-If so, do you find that you drain your team?
-Or, do you breathe life into the group?


benoit said...

keep this going pastor k

Anthony K said...

thanks Ben!