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Thursday, March 24, 2011

20 ways -How NOT to wreck yourself!

20 areas that can help save you from wrecking your life:

1. Winning too much: The need to win at all costs and in all situations.

2. Adding too much value: You gotta add your two cents to every discussion. One thing to learn here: Stop this action.

3. Passing judgment: Stop monitoring others and imposing your standards on them. (unless they want you to!)

4. Making destructive comments: Needless sarcasm and cutting remarks that you think make you sound sharp and witty. They serve no other purpose...other than making people not like you.

5. Starting with No or But:  "Hi everyone...'I am right'. You are wrong.”

6. Telling the world how smart you are: The need to show people that you are smarter than they think we are. "Wow!  nobody is impressed!"

7. Speaking when angry:  When you get angry, you are usually out of control. Normal people, usually avoid people who continually 'lose it' all the time.  Maybe this is why you are the last person to get the news in your team??

8. Negativity:  We will call these folks...NegatronsRemember, when you start complaining...people stop listening!

9. Withholding information: Start sharing your information! Or I'll put you on the hit show hoarders.

10. Failing to give proper recognition: This is your secret weapon!  Find something great about someone and then bring it up and bring it up often! 

11. Claiming credit that we don't deserve: Again, if you rob someone of there ideas or work, you are not only hurting them you are hurting yourself as you just cut off your nose to spite your face. 

12. Making excuses: I get it.  There is a time and a place for making excuses.  But by in large, don't be known around town as the guy who never takes the blame.  People will end up not liking you and you will not be invited out for drinks after the meeting. 

13. Clinging to the past: OK, so you played football in high school and set a track record in college.  Guess what Al Bundy...You are now 45.  Nobody remembers -which is a good indicator that you shouldn't either.

14. Playing favorites: This one I take issue with.  In life, you will undoubtedly gravitate toward some people more naturally than others.  I guess, as a leader, you have to be aware of this and keep it in least out in the open. 

15. Refusing to express regret: Try this..If you have done something wrong/dumb, use these 2 words.  I'm Sorry!  Just walk right up to the person and apologise. I know that song says its "too late to apologize" but don't listen to him.  I'm the one with the Bible knowledge and you should most definitely say sorry and apologize.

16. Not listening:  God gives us two ears and one mouth for a reason. 

15. Refusing to express regret:  I know, your macho.  You can't say sorry even if you know in your heart you should.  Here is something else you should know...Nobody will end up liking you and you will be known as the "guy that is really tough that nobody likes."

17. Failing to express gratitude: Again, be on the lookout for the positive in people.  This will go far for you!

18. Punishing the messenger:  This is where common sense kicks in.  Use discretion. Sometimes the poor gal is just doing her go easy!

19. Passing the buck: This one goes into the "no one is going to like you real fast if you always do this category  ."  Just be a man and admit wrongdoing.  BTW: This is your first step to becoming THE man.  

20. An excessive need to be me: I get it.  It is not YOU to dress up on Sundays.   It is NOT you to take notes.  Guess what?  Your work will find someone else that will!  And YOU will find being YOU really is like being 13 again. 

*As you probably guessed, all commentary is added by Anthony.

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