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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Boil Frogs!

Today's Topic
                           Leading Change when no one wants to Leap!

-Let's start off with a little trivia Q.  What is the best way to boil a frog? 

Answer:  Slowly.

The reason is, of course, if you put a frog into lukewarm water and then very slowly turn up the heat, the frog will just sit around, swim and relax.  Simply put, the frog has no idea that it is actually being boiled. 
*(Is that a fact?...I have no clue.  I just hear people using it like one, so for the sake of this post just go with it.)

The same can be said about the nature of leading change in your organization. 

 -People, like frogs, will just leap right out of the pot if they are exposed to something drastic- 

Therefore, as a leader, you must proceed with Wisdom...

-Have a well thought-out implementation plan. 
-Present this plan to your leaders
-Remember to show everyone how you came up with your final result. 
...It would not hurt to have a chart taking your team from point "A" to point "Z". 

Try this and you will see how much those little resistant frogs stick around and smile at you. 
                                     All the while your hand is on the heat dial!

*This post is not  PETA endorsed.

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