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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anthony's Pants

Did I ever tell you that I set my clothes out the night before an important event? 

I follow this rule especially when the event takes place early in the morning. 
I reason to myself that the more steps I can clear out of the way the night before will save me time during the morning.  (the real reason of course is so I can get more sleep).

This past Sunday, my plan I almost went through with a fashion faux pas.

Walking to my car Sunday morning, ready to preach, Bible in hand...

(...these are not my pants...)

I looked down to see that my tie (blue and red striped), my shirt (deep red) and my brown shoes & belt looked kind of GQish
But something was off. 
When I stepped out into the sunlight that morning, my Navy Blue pants that I laid out the night before suddenly turned Black!  Already running late, I had a decision to make. 
Use the outfit as a sermon illustration.  Or change. 
Don't worry, I changed.

I guess it is important that when you pick out your clothes, you turn the light on. 
Isn't it wild how much Navy Blue resembles Black?   

A friend of mine told me that they run into this problem all the time. 
So they always have a little test they perform when choosing clothes that are this color.
They simply get the 2 colors and hold them right next to one another, so they can be sure that they are picking out the correct pair of pants. 

The Apostle Paul says, "Examine everything carefully & hold fast to that which is good." 

Using discernment these days is tough.  That is why it is so important to know the Word of God; to hide it in your heart.  In the same way that I needed to hold the Navy Blue pants right next to the Black ones, is the same thing you and I need to do with the decisions we make on a daily basis.  Use the Bible as your source of authority when navigating the many twists & turns of life!

*Another good example is how the FBI trains its employees to catch counterfeit bills. 
You might guess that they spend their time going through the numerous fakes bills. But they don't.  They run the real cash through their future FBI's fingers. In this way, they get a feeling for the real thing.  Then, when a fake comes their way, they can spot it in a instant!


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Courtney said...

You are hilarious! I was surprised to find out there was a very good point to this story.