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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Light UP the Darkness

When Bob Marley was scheduled to preform at a peace rally, a gunman came to his house and shot him down.
Two days later he walked on stage and sang.

Somebody asked him, "Why?"

He said,
The people who are trying to make the world worse are not taking a day off.
How can I?

If you did not read yesterday's post, then it would behoove you to do so now. 
Yesterday I talked about 3 ways to successfully build a team
As the day passed and my mind took in the entirety of the idea's presented in the post...
Something stuck me harder then dad's hand upside the back of my flat head. 

Most groups that are up to no good are the best at building the most effective teams!  Have you ever noticed just how organized & effective thugs, gangsters, pimps, swindlers, mobs and the Hell's Angels are?  It seems as if the good guys are all busy sitting around at McDonald's sipping on coffee and I am so tired of it. 

Bob Marley's story is truly inspirational! 
On a day when he should have been sitting home feeling sorry for himself, he mustered up the courage to face the darkness.

Isn't it about time that you and I muster up the grits and take on something of significance?
Isn't it about time that when we walk out of our doors in the morning our motto's ring loud and clear...

I, Anthony Kladitis am ready to  

"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 
And God saw the light, that it was good"
-Genesis 1: 3-4

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ajmiller16116 said...

The ironic part is that as I was reading this, a song by The Afters was playing on the radio..."Light Up the Sky"! :)