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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Rare Commodity: Leadership

Have you ever noticed that when something is hard to come by it becomes valuable?

Take Honus Wagner
Although he has one of the greatest baseball names, he was by no stretch of the imagination the best baseball player ever.  Yet, someone paid over 1,000,000 dollars for one of his cards.  (Yes, a cool million.)

Why would someone do this?
The answer lies in the fact that the Honus Wagner card is the rarest of all cards.

When something is hard to get, difficult to find, or out of your reach...the value always goes up. (Think Crazy Elmo)

Like the Honus Wagner card,
Leadership is also rare.

Seth Godin says in his intriguing book Tribes, "Few people are willing to go through the discomfort required to lead." The reason is because a leader stands tall, looks to the future and is willing to take a risk to get to a place of uncertainty. 


A good example can be found in American history. 
The Pioneer's were a group of people that blazed a trail when nobody believed it could be done or would take the risk.  They left most everything behind for a dream of a better future. 

A leader is similar, in that they follow their dreams in spite of the obstacles that lay in their way.  You and I live in a world of uncertainty and leadership is required for times like this. 

-Like the Pioneer, will you step out into the unknown?
-Will you set you sights to the distant horizon for a better future?

If you do.  You will no doubt wrap your arms around risk but at the same time embrace living life to the fullest.

All men die,
But not all men really live 
-William Wallace

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