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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Unexpected Note

Below is a note sent to me from one of the many friends & followers that I have had the privilege to meet as I journal about leadership, theology and life
It came as a pleasant surprise that helped show that if you put yourself out there and try to make a difference, then you truly will..

Mr. Kladitis, 

-Thank you.

We have never met, but I have wanted to contact you since I began following your blog in January. Today, it occurred to me that this is a good week to contact you, since it is National Teacher Appreciation Week.   

I know from your blog and from the little blurb at the top of your facebook page that you are a Pastor of Youth and Young Adults by trade. To me, you are a teacher. Your words have taught me many things.

You have taught me how to reconnect with my faith. While we do not share the same religion, I read your words and filter them through my religion and I feel more connected and spiritual.

You have taught me to listen. Everyone has a story. You showed me how listening can be exactly what someone needs at any given time.
And you have taught me about the power of prayer. In my own life, I never really prayed much. At least not outside of the organized services I attend. But your words taught me how healing it can be to pray.

So, in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to thank you for being a teacher. For giving so selflessly and generously of yourself so that others may learn. Thank you for touching my life.

Thank you for being a teacher.

I want to thank the author of this note and all 303 followers of W.O.A.D.
Together, we are changing the world for better and helping a charity that is so dear to my heart.

If you would like to help the charity "now i lay me down to sleep" all you have to do is click "follow" on the top right part of this blog.
For every follower, I will make a donation in baby Anthony's name.

-Please consider helping-

Stay Blessed,

Anthony J. Kladitis


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