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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your most Deadly (secret) Weapon!

What is the most powerful way to persuade  someone?

A. By handing out breathe mints
B. A Bazooka
C. A Gift Card to his or her favorite restaurant
D. Your tongue, especially when you use it to tell others a story

The answer is that whether you are a parent reading to your children at night, a lawyer, or a teacher --your greatest tool is being a great storyteller.

Maxwell & Dickman, in their book, "The Elements of Persuasion" share 5 ways that will help you tell a great story! 

Here's how to do it like the pros!

Passion: Start by asking “what do I really care most about?” If you find your passion, then your audience will catch it the same way they catch the flu. Your passion needs to authentic. If the audience thinks your acting solely out of self interest-you’re toast, just pack up your stuff and go back home...

Hero: You are the hero. The hero’s job is to make the audience see what you see. Pull the audience into your world. Make them see your message from the inside out. Help them see it through your eyes and as if they were standing in your shoes. Stop being so abstact, a personal touch moves people...

Obstacle: Clearly define the problem. How does your new idea help them overcome it? You and your new idea are the hero, mounted on a ragin bull ready to head into battle! You have a sword in your hand and you’re about to crush the enemy. Before you charge, make sure that you and your audience share the same dragon. Ask yourself “what is the dragon that keeps me up at night?” does it keep my audience up as well? If you can slay that dragon --you’re on your way to success.

Awareness: Does your idea bring something new to solving the audience’s problem? What insights are embedded in your message? What lessons can the audience take away and use again? Does your audience nod in agreement as you discuss your solutions or do they remain stone silent and look at you like its National Bad Hair Day?

Transformation: How will your idea change the audience for the better?
How will they be different by using your idea? What is transformational about your message?  Think of ways that will not only fill people's minds but also move their feet!
Successful stories make an audience feel as well as think.


The more you can turn your message into a story
the more likely your message will succeed!  

*You can check out Maxwell & Dickman's website for more cool ideas like the one's above!

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