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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anthony's favorite Oprah Moment (other than when she said she was retiring)

Anthony's all-time favorite Oprah moment! 

When she would go to the park; workout and then steal a child's wagon, and wheel it around with 67lbs of fat.   

Farewell Oprah!


Courtney Hilliard said...

Anthony... Are you bashing Oprah???
That's just not right.

Anthony K said...

Oprah basher...never!

Courtney Hilliard said...

I'm going to miss Oprah. I recorded her last show and didn't watch it until yesterday cause I was trying to keep her around a little longer.

I thought it was great that she talked about Jesus and gave God the credit for all of her success.

...I bet you didn't even watch it, did you?

Anthony K said...

Please understand that this is meant to be light hearted. Oprah is an amazing artist and has touched many many lives...

Courtney Hilliard said...

I know, I know. Don't take me so seriously. I meant what I said lightheartedly too. I figured you would would have given me a hard time about recording her last show so I could draw it out for another week.

but in all seriousness I was surprised how she talked so openly about God and Jesus.