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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Urgent END OF THE WORLD message by A. Kladitis (This message expires in 24 hours)


This message is for Harold Camping.
-Since you decided to tell the whole world that Judgement Day is coming on May 21st. 
I thought it would be a good idea to let you know what you will be experiencing on Sunday, May 22nd. 

Extreme Embarrassment.

Without going through all the mumbo jumbo, I'll just get right to it Gordon Ramsey style... 

If Jesus Himself does not know the 'Day or Time' why would you presume to??????

-The only thing that is going to end on Saturday is your reputation-  
Followed by your ministry, credibility, friendships & life in general.

8 comments: said...

I know!!! These people crack me up! The Bible is perfectly clear on this matter. There are other dates out there as well - 12/21/12.
Let's see, man's word....God's Word, which one shall I chose!!!!

ajmiller16116 said...

I heard that he had also predicted this in 1994...I'm thinking he was wrong then as well! :)

Julie said...

Love your post today!!!

caregivr4329 said...

Amen Pastor! Now go get ready for Sunday's service. It is going to rock!!

caregivr4329 said...

Amen Ant!!!

caregivr4329 said...

Amen Ant!!!!

Cox Family said...

thanks for posting the sign in english it is the first time I have seen it translated. too bad it was crazy . lol

ericvonhilgert said...

Quit obviously his reputation is as he would have it, and he gained the attention he sought. The folly in his ministry is, he took the attention away from God. To stand in judgment of this person also dishonors God. I would suggest praying for him and his ministry that God would reveal the truth to him.