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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Million Dollar Glass of Water

How much would you pay for a glass of water?

I know that when I was little, ordering ANYTHING other than a glass of water was totally out of the question. (This act wasn't something that was conceivable for my brother & I.  I remember staring out to the other kids tables and wondering what that brown bubbly stuff was that filled their glasses...)

Back the the point. 

Today in church I had a pitcher full of water and asked the kids how much they would pay for a glass. 
One kid said "1", I assume that means 1 cent or 1 dollar.
I then asked them if they would be willing to pay 1 million dollars for a glass of water. 

There was no response...just crazed faces looking back at me.

To escalate things a bit, I reached behind me and pulled out an 8 x 11 picture of a little girl from Africa that was suffering from malnutrition.

I re-asked my question, but this time I asked the group how much the little girl in the picture would be willing to pay for a glass of water??

The silence was broken by a little girl that stood up and said "a lot of money because that glass of water to her would save her life."

My friends, you and I have the privilege to go to the sink and fill up a glass of water over and over again with no or very little consequence. 
We can take a sip and then toss out the rest.
Simply because were we have been born.

Right now, children like that little girl are dying of thirst. 
The Apostle Paul says that "God loves a cheerful giver."  And after today's lesson, I can see why. 
The Bible says that our relationship with God is a lot like a relationship with our earthly parents. 
Isn't sharing something that all parents try to teach their children?

So, how much would you spend on a glass of water?
I guess it depends.
-A few cents?
-Your life?

The truly humbling thing is that depending on were you sit when you read this post, will determine IF you have a choice in how you answer the above question. 

The goal of this post is to move you.
Plain and simple.
Find a way to do something.
Move.  (visit world vision's website to find out how)

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