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Thursday, February 10, 2011

---I am an Artist.

Question:  If someone were to ask you what profession an artist involves himself in...what would you say?

I am betting you would say that an artist spends time in some fashion either painting or is musical.

Can I tell you something?    -----I am an artist. 

                         I do not paint nor am I musical (concerts in my car don't count).

So let me explain.  According to Anthony's Dictionary, an artist is someone that creates.

And a person that creates is also a person that Dreams
And a person that dreams is also a person that Sees.
The person that sees, is the person that Inspires....

Now let me ask you another question.  Look around you.  Seriously. 
Everything your eyes took in was not around at one point in time.

   ----It took someone to Create.  Someone to Dream. Someone who stepped out and saw something that was not there. 

And that takes courage.

Daniel Pink writes about this subject by way of a story.  He tells of a teacher experimenting with 2 groups of students.
-a class of 1st graders
-a class of seniors
The teacher stood in front of the group of 1st graders and asked "How many of you are artists?"    Everyone in the class raised their little hands.


The teacher stood in front of a group of seniors and asked the very same question. 
Two lifted their hands.

What has happened to all the dreamers?
Who has crept in and whispered into these kids ears that they are not creative?

I tell you that the future belongs to those two students that still considered themselves artists.  Sure they may never take up guitar or pick up a paint brush, but they will have the ability to See. To Dream. And to Inspire.

-And for that 
the future is theirs- 

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