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Friday, February 11, 2011

Funny Friday's: The subject, Jorts.

According to a dictionary somewhere men are not allowed to wear jean shorts.  They have been outlawed.   
In 1992, a severe case was brought against Jean Shorts (or Jorts) by the good citizens of the United States...aka.  The Fashion Police. 

The reason(s) submitted below are in picture form and thereby need NO words for you to understand why this law has been strictly enforced.

Proof Number 1:  The severely long mullet Jort.

Proof #2:  The Bike Messenger Jort

Item #3:  The "I'm Too Close" to you Jort team.

Fourth:  The "I made you dress like me" Jort lovers.

Number 5:  The "Hello, I live in New Castle" Jort.

6:  The "Hi, I'm Brett Favre getting drafted into the NFL...I will be awesome for like 89 seasons...and then ruin my life" Jorts.


Gary said...

I will never wear another pair of Jean Shorts again. Cargo Shorts for me only. Is that ok?

Anthony K said...

Cargo shorts are fine.

Just be sure to burn the do not want them to end up the wrong persons hands...