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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leadership Value #1: YOU must believe in YOU.

Leading starts with the individual. 

When you can look in the mirror and come to the realization that YOU matter, then you are ready to start leading.

Too often, we run to others to get things done, but a person who believes in themselves first looks inward.  The is vital.

Jim Collins agrees with this sentiment as he has always emphasized "First Who, Then What." 

-In other words, The person/team is more important than the task-

-Case in point:  During Donald Trump's Apprentice finale, the two final contestants were given the choice to either pick the team or the event
The winner rightly chose her team over the event. 
By doing this, she was loading the deck with talent and brains to help her win               ---no matter what the task was--- 

Decide today that you matter. 
When you do.
You have just thrown your hat into the ring to fight for a change. 

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