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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anthony's Rant: Snow & People who like it.

Anthony’s Rant.

-The Issues:
1. Snow.
2. People who like it.

Enough is Enough.

What I am about to write is Politically INcorrect, and I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So please take this in s-l-o-w-l-y….

-I am a Snow-A-Phob-

I came to this admission last night when I was watching Channel 4 News and the Weather Man sadly showed a picture of the entire United States blanketed in white.

There were No States.
No Lakes.
Just a massive picture of Snow-Ma-gedon.

I am so over this cold ugly weather, and while I am ranting about the Snow-phoon outside…I want to take a few seconds to comment on the people who somehow like what is happening all around us.

-To the snow-lovers, I issue a Challenge:
Last night, if you were to stand outside in that Snowicanne for let’s say10 minutes...
Did you really like that like that experience? And would you recommend it to others?
(Your enemies don’t count either) If so, I will gladly take back any ill words against the powdery stuff.

     And before you get all, “I still think it is still awesome!” on me -consider this...
You know that over sized hamster from Punxy that is held by the guy on the cover of the Monopoly box? Punxy Phil comes out once a year to tell everyone if there is going to be an early spring.

-Well, apparently even he is sick of the snow too-

When that groundhog was interviewed about why he did not see his shadow, he said, and I quote:

“How could I see my shadow … when I can’t even open my eyes because they were frozen shut!?”

There you have it.
Snow and people who dream of it --everyone is over you and your gloves…even that 6lb Gerbil.

Look, we can all deal with a light falling of the flakes,
But when you can go ice skating on a gravel pit
--You know you are in a Snowtasrophe!

And no one really likes that…not even you.
So man up and quit Snowtending already.


rvcookie said...

YES! loved reading this, it's like you're in my head.

Florence said...

Ohhhhhh I am soooo with you on this!

Anthony K said...

I hope I can bring a little humor to everyone's day!

ericvonhilgert said...

Get out of rvcookie's head there too many personalities in there already.

As far as being a snow lover, it comes with the territory. I remember the fun I had as a kid in the snow and it makes me feel young again right up until I have to shovel the drive. But I love the sled riding, snowball fights, and Hot CoCo yum. I mean who could hate frosty, snow angels, and snow forts. I like the cold over the heat any day.

Anonymous said...

You know I am so a kid at heart and chose my career to spend as much time as possible in Gods great outdoors. It isn't just a job it is a blessed adventure! Yes it gets cold, it also gets hot...
Dress for it! Walk in it... RUN in it! Make snow angels, throw snow balls, taste it (not the yellow snow..), find a frozen waterfall and take picures and write poems about it and prepare to be AMAZED with His beauty!
Never cease to love His work.
Hot will have its day... no rush!

Courtney Hilliard said...

Not one of rvcookie's personalities could be considered a "snow lover" and they don't appreciate the sloppy snowy mess ericvonhilgert constantly tracks through the house either.

Anthony K said...


Love it!

Give Chad the mop next time!!