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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If two is better than one...then in this case three was better than two

I can remember working at ShopnSave when I was in high school. My boss, who was much much older than I, asked me and another guy to remove a garbage can that had been full of water. (It was sitting directly under a hole in the roof all night) The problem was that when we went over to accomplish the task, neither of us knew how we were going to move this huge can full of water. We tried to slide it and lift it but it would not budge without water going everywhere. As time passed the boss came over to check up on us. Without saying a word, he grabbed a cart and put it right next to the garbage can. "Lift up" He said without breaking stride. We did and he slid the cart right underneath the water filled can. "Now go dump it" He said without breaking stride. It is nice in life to have someone who is knowledgeable and is there to teach you, even when you are standing around looking at a garbage can full of water. My boss showed humility and patience with us boys. He had enough love to know that this was a "teachable moment" for us. The book of Ecclesiastes tells us that "two are better than one" (4:9a) and in the case above three was better than two. Think back to a time where you needed help and the person who offered was full of arrogance? Now think of how you view the person and that situation. Most times we remember the situation according to the kindness displayed by a person or by the harshness of their attitude. We are all a work in progress. Never lose sight that often times we are less patient than God Himself with our brothers and sisters.

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