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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sponge Theory

So I have this simple theory that helps keep things in perspective as I continue my faith journey. As a Christian, I am like a sponge. Take that sponge and dunk it in water and immediately it will absorb all the water. Then, as time passes, the sponge can take no more water. It is full. The sponge now needs taken out of the water and rung out. This simple analogy serves as a reminder that too many times Christians just sit in the water and soak. Going to Church, youth group, Sunday school, etc. are great, but there needs to be a time for the stuff you are learning to be practiced in real life. Going to the City Rescue Mission and looking for service projects are just some ways I try to get out of the water and squeeze out.
Got it? Good, now go ring out!
-"Faith without works is dead"-

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