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Friday, July 23, 2010

No Plan B --

Just finished up a challenging book titled, Radical by David Platt. Below I would like to summarize chapter seven of his book, NO PLAN B. Throughout the chapter, he summarizes seven truths found in the book of Romans. Truth 1: All people have knowledge of God. Romans 1: 18, "God has revealed Himself to all people through His creation" -Anthony's commentary on this. Just walk to a window (any will do, as long as you can look out of it and see trees, grass, flowers or hear birds singing, etc). You have just witnessed God's handiwork. This is why you can get in an airplane and go anywhere on earth and find people worshiping a deity of some sort. Truth 2: All people reject God. The Apostle Paul continues... "Although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him." -Anthony's commentary on this. Because of sin and its ramifications, all mankind does not worship the true God. Mankind's heart is an idol factory. And by idol I mean (1) The three-dimensional objects you can see, touch and feel AND (2) mankind creating God into OUR image and likeness. -Confused about this one? You hear it almost everyday, "God wants me to be happy and is loving..." This is merely a person conjuring up their ideas about God on their own. The remedy to this? 2 words, the Bible. Truth 3 and 4.... Hold on! Coming soon!

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