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Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Plan B- continued...

Truth 3: All People are Guilty before God. -In Romans chapter's 1-3, Paul displays how all mankind find themselves in a position of guilt before a Holy God. Anthony commentary: Come on now. This one should be easy. What don't we rationalize? We sin in word, thought, and deed every day... Before you get all crazy on me, think if it were possible to have every single thought you ever had in your life recorded. OK, now would you be willing to have those thoughts played before all of your family and friends? I thought not. Let's us move on now. Truth 4: All People are condemned for Rejecting God. -"Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God's sight..."(Rom. 3:20) Anthony's commentary-Did you ever have someone burst into your room while you were sleeping in the middle of the night? How did you react? I am guessing it was not pleasant. This is the same idea with our reaction to God. His presence in our life exposes us for who and what we really are. It is like pouring salt on a wound, God intensifies our fallen state simply because when we look to God we can finally see ourselves clearly. Utterly full of sin.
Stay tuned: Truth 5 & 6 coming soon!

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