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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sheep Walkers

Seth Godin coins this phrase (sheep walkers) in his book titled Tribes. He argues that our society basically trains people to check their brains at the door and desires everyone to fit in. Sadly, I think this is true. From school to church to work...everyone wants conformity. Thinking a bit more about this concept, I started reflecting about the music people listen to, the movies people watch and the things people enjoy. People flock to the extra-ordinary don't they? I know a thousand garage bands, a million lame movies and a billion average churches. But the ones that stick out are the ones you and I flock to.
My peeve is with the Church in general. History has shown us that the Church has been responsible for producing some of the greatest thinkers and talents the world has ever known. My questions is...where are they now? Unfortunately, Bible colleges and Seminaries have followed the path of the sheep walker...churning out drones for pastors with no heart and no vision. Oh, and the people who fill the pews are not long behind. Line up 200 church members and you will find only about 40% using their God given gifts and talents.
The Christian life was never meant to be this way. If you are reading this, do me a favor. --Ask yourself: 1. What are my gifts? (what makes me unique) 2. How can I use those gifts? (look for a place in the church) 3. Who can be a mentor for me? (who is using their gifts and will enable me to find and utilize my own) 4. If there is no place for me to use my gifts then kick down the door and create one...Life is too short.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. If we are to walk in Jesus' footsteps, we need to discover and use our talents to better serve our world. I know when I volunteer I feel elated as if on an adrenaline high. So, not only are you serving others, you also feel a sense of peace and acomplishment. I try to do this but sometimes am dragged down by the stress in life. I have got some great ideas for Northminster that I will bring forth as soon as I get a chance!

Anthony K said...

Let me know how I can help...