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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Be then Do

So you want to lead, right? Too often leaders only focus on the people they are out in front of, besides and behind. In essence, they solely focus on the audience. Do not get me wrong, this is brilliant, knowing and understanding your people is essential. However, there is another side to this same coin. If you want to to lead you have to focus on yourself. Looking in the mirror is like looking into your soul. Character-work is vital for leadership. It will be your foundation and the element that qualifies you to lead others. Aubrey Malphurs says that character involves being and is a matter of your heart. While doing involves your gifts, talents, etc. The idea is that in order for you to lead successfully, you have to focus on your being as well as on your doing. You want to know something? Sadly, our world generally focuses on doing. -Get this report done! -Set up this appointment! -Get me those numbers! Reality is Being precedes Doing because people can scam, cheat, & lie through all of the above scenario's. I recently heard of a young man who graduated on top of his class only to latter have been revealed as a cheater. It is interesting that Paul instructed Timothy (a young minister), [To]"Let no one look down on your youthfulness: but be an example in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity." (I Tim. 4:12) Paul's counsel, as an older, wiser man, was for Timothy to first focus on his own character. Being precedes Doing: -Always has -Always will

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