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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Read what EVERYONE is saying about this Blog!

A middle aged smart person yelled, "If I read anymore of brain will explode because of all the good information."

Some women commented, "Wowsers!"  (I think that means she liked it)

A younger adult exclaimed, "Anthony uses today's traditional teaching methods but with today's cool lingo."

A person in a business suit muttered under his breathe, "I got a job promotion simply by reading Anthony's blog last weekend."

Anthony's English teacher wrote, "When I read Anthony's blog, I find it filled with grammar, syntax and spelling errors, but because of his writing genius I cannot help myself...I am a follower!"

OK, I know the above is mostly made up to make you laugh, but things have been going quite well.  With the number of "followers" growing and the increase of page views, 2011 has been a great year!  Remember that if you decide to follow W.O.A.D.  you will get insight on leadership & theology AND help out a great charity!

As always, your comments & suggestions are welcome!

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1 comment:

Sherrie Koretke said...

You had me going there! I was almost envious of your great feedback.

Keep up the great work!