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Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 Types of Work: The Good, the Bad & the Great!

Micheal Stanier, in his book "Do more great work" says that there are 3 types of work that you will encounter in your life. They are as follows...

1. Bad Work: This type of work is a waste of time, energy, and resources. If you find yourself in a job where all you do is this type of work, then you need a switch or a serious talk with your employer.

2. Good Work: This kind of work is useful and productive. You like to do it and you most likely do it well. A healthy organization asks you to spend most of your time performing tasks that relate to this arena. You know when you are doing this type of work because you feel energized and interested in what you are doing.

3. Great Work: This is what WE all want more of. This work is very meaningful to you and you do it from your heart. No amount of extrinsic (outside motivators) can spur you to do this type of work...because this
work just flows from you. Sadly, most folks do not get the opportunity at their workplace to do great work. Which oftentimes leads to demotivated workers.

*Something to learn from the above if you are an employer or if you are a leader of any sort (from CEO to house mom) is to find ways for your people to do MORE GREAT WORK. The reason is because when people are engaged in the things that they love they will perform at a higher level.

Just watch the video clip below and see how this man has found his passion/Great Work:

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