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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Movie 'Baby Mama' and Abortion

Posted by my friend Jay Scharfenberg on Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 10:49am.

*I read this on Jay's facebook and thought it was very insightful...I hope this makes you think.

I saw the movie 'Baby Mama' a couple weeks ago, and it raised an interesting question in my mind. In the movie, Tina Fey wants to have a child but, due to health reasons, could never get pregnant. Therefore, she hires Amy Pohler to be the surrogate mother. It's Tina Fey's egg (artificially inseminated) but Amy Pohler is carrying it.

As I watched this movie, a thought crossed my mind. What if Amy Pohler decided to have an abortion? Even though she's carrying Tina Fey's egg, it's still 'her (Amy Pohler's) body', so she has a right to do what she wants with it -- as the pro-choice argument goes. Yeah, there might be legal ramifications because of the contractual nature of being a surrogate mother, but, when push comes to shove, would Amy Pohler have a right to an abortion? If not, what should she be charged with if she does get an abortion--murder or destruction of property?

Now let's look at this from the other angle. What if, in the first trimester, Tina Fey changed her mind and decided she wanted an abortion? Would she have the right to demand that Amy Pohler go through with an abortion? What if Amy Pohler refused?

The first scenario raises an interesting question for me as a guy. Men are in the same situation as Tina Fey in this scenario. If my wife gets pregnant, she will be carrying my child, just as Amy Poher was carrying Tina Fey's child. But according to law, if my wife were to decide to have an abortion (thankfully this is a completely hypothetical situation), I would have no say in the situation. So if Tina Fey does have a veto vote in the first situation, does this mean fathers should have a veto vote if the mother decides to get an abortion?

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