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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Some Things I have Been thinking About

1.  Is it possible that these political adds can be any dumber?  And have you noticed the faces of the candidates in them?  Next time they are on TV, notice how everyone looks angry and dumb at the same time.
2.  Wearing dress pants with "short" athletic socks...please stop. When you sit down and/or walk, we can all see this, and it makes you look silly. 
3.  When guys wear polo shirts and shorts and then tuck in the shirt. 
4.  When guys do #4 and then wear sneakers.
5.  People on college campuses wearing flip-flops.  We get it, your free of your parents and you are really cool.  But when I look down and see your feet and mangled immediately makes me think that your not cool anymore. 
6. OK, this is a big one, Jean shorts.  If you are a girl, your OK here.  If you are a guy, please go home and burn them. I Effectually call them, "jorts"  and they in no way are appealing and if you are the type that wears them longer than your knees,...then you are now wearing "Ja-prees."

7.  When you are at the GYM and you are wearing head phones and people still insist on talking to you.  Seriously, are you blind?
8.    People who are "slow turners."  You know the types.  When they turn right.  They STOP first.  Then turn.  I cannot continue on my with my thoughts with this one...
9.  When I drive up to see my mom  and dad and my mom asks me if I want some tuna.  "Yes," I respond.  Mom then goes into the house and comes out with a bag that has been pre-prepared before I even got to their house. 
10.  As I pull away, I dig into the bag, mind you there are things in this bag that just do not logically belong in this bag (that is for another time).  I find the tuna....Wait for it...
I unwrap it.  I then stop and stare at it.  And the Tuna sandwich is in a HOT DOG BUN  that happens to be packed so full of tuna that when I pick it up from the one side, the other side rips in half.

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