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Monday, October 4, 2010

Funny things Christen says...

There are these little funny things that only a couple shares with one another.  A funny word or almost tripping are some of the things I am talking about.  If you are married, then right away you will pick up on this. 

A couple of nights ago, we watched that movie with those huge blue thingy's.  (Not the Smurfs). 

-Avatar -  and yes, we are just seeing it for the first time.  Calm down already, I saw this movie's prequel "Dances with Wolves"  starring Kevin Costner. 

When it ended, we took Charlie out for a walk, and then as usual, I started critiquing the movie.  When I was done, I ask Christen what she thought:

Christen:  Well, it was good, but I don't know what all the hype is about.
Anth:  I think we probably had to see it in the movies, as it was 3-D
Christen: That makes sense...
Christen:  But if this movie is so good, then why didn't it win any of those big awards?
Anth:  I guess people liked that war movie even better than this one...who knows....
Christen:  I think your right, THE SWEAT LOCKER was a real good one.
Anth:  Hunny, I am almost positive that the movie you just mentioned does not exist and even if it did, it most likely would not win anything...ever....
However, the movie, THE HURT LOCKER did win an Oscar.

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