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Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Build Your Credibility: DWYSYWD

Do What You Say You Will Do

This is how you build credibility with those you lead. 
At the end of the day, people look to see if your talk matches your walk. 

And nobody was better at this than the greatest leader of them all.

For instance, in the Gospel of John, Jesus was interacting with some of His new disciples.  After some time, two of His disciples asked Jesus, "Where are you staying?"   Jesus then invited them to stay with Him at His house. For an entire day.  (John 1: 35-39) 

Why did Jesus do this? 

By Jesus inviting His followers into His house ... He was inviting them into His LIFE.

He knew by inviting His followers into His life that they would be able to see into a part of His life that an outsider would never know.   Think about it, you could of had friends all of your life in school, but when you slept over their house, you experienced elements about them that you could have never learned outside of that one sleepover. 

Jesus was the greatest leader because of the fact that what he said He would do -He did!

Sadly, many leaders today forget about this principal.  Instead of leading by example, they bark orders and look down from their "lofty" positions.  They forget that leading by example, will set the tone for the group that they lead.

I wonder the last time you were intentional about being consistent with your words and deeds?  And don't come up with fancy excesses like, "Of course Jesus can do this...he was perfect! ... if I spent time with those I lead, I will surly mess up."  If these are your thoughts, then you are correct.  You will mess up.  So it is important to keep in mind that people follow someone that is dedicated to this principal of having your words and deeds match.  I have found that even in the face of scrutinity, it is far better to just admit your faults and apologize.  You can always remind the folks that you are indeed human, but your desire/goal is to lead with credibility. 

So keep in mind that your deeds and your words will not always match.  That is OK.  People are looking for authentic, humble leaders, not phonies...who act as if they have everything together. 

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