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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Claus Names from Around the World

Ever wonder what St. Nick is called around the globe? 
If you have grown up in the United States, then you most likely called the big guy something like: 
Santa Claus, St. Nick, or the guy who eats all my cookies on Christmas Eve while forgetting what I just asked him for a week ago. 

Below are some other names shared by Santa Claus by children around the world. 
I bet you will find them interesting, odd, and cute.             Enjoy!

Afghanistan: Baba Chaghaloo
Australia: Father Christmas
Brazil: Papai Noel 

Canada: English Speaking: Santa Claus
French Speaking: Pere Noel
China: Shengdan Laoren
Denmark: Julemanden
Holland: Sinter Klaas
Egypt: Papa Noel

England: Father Christmas
Finland: Joulupukki

France: Pere Noel
Germany: Christtindl
Hungary: Mikulas
India: Ganesha
Iran: Baba Noel
Italy: Babbo Natale
Japan: Hoteisho
Netherlands: Kertsman
New Zealand: Father Christmas
Norway: Julenissen
Peru: Papai Noel
Poland: Gwiazdor
Portugal: Pai Natal
Russia: Ded Moroz
*Spain: Papa Noel
Sweden: Jultomten
Turkey: Noel Baba
United States: Santa Claus

*Indicates my favorite name.

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Christmas is 9 days from today!!! :)