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Friday, December 3, 2010

Anthony's Guide for Beating the Cold Winter

I know, it is cold outside.  And if you are like me, then liking the cold stopped about 17 years ago.  So the last thing I want for you is to be beaten my Mr. Winter's blast.  Below you will find the definite guide for hitting back and telling the cold and the snow that you will in no way be intimidated by it. 

Of course, in order to accomplish the above, you must have the proper gear...

1.  You have to get right HAT:  Mine is large and in charge.  It makes most other hats look puny and it also gets me plenty of stares...especially because I wear it indoors.  Just the other day, I was in the store and stood uncomfortably close to another person. When the worker made eye contact with me, I said with the straightest face possible,, "is it hot in here ... or is it just me?"  better when you go and get one of these hats.  I then walked away.  Look, the bottom line is that your face, ears, and head will like you a lot

2.  You have to have the right COAT:  The one I have is made my Columbia and is totally weatherproof.  The idea here, is to get a coat that is windproof & waterproof.  I know, I know, your thinking I do not need all that.  But trust me, one day you just might, and then you will be glad for two things.
(1) That you have that kind of coat and (2) That you read Anthony's blog telling you to get that coat.  So do not skimp on the coat...your arms and torso will end up thanking you.

3.  You have to have the right BOOTS:  The pair I have are made by L.L. Bean and they are the greatest!  These bad boys are waterproof, breathable, and keep your 10 toesies nice and warm.  I made sure I got a better pair because I do a lot of walking outside due to the fact that my dog, Charlie Brown loves the snow.  So in order to keep a happy dog, when everyone is bundled up in their houses, you can find me and Brown outside playing football in the snow or taking an adventurous walk through the woods.

So there you have it.  The hat, the coat, and the boots.  Everything you need to kick butt this winter!

*Many of you have expressed an interest in the object that I am holding in these photos.  It is a police issue baton.  The explanation is if you lived where I live, then you would need no explanation of why I carry it. 

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