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Monday, December 20, 2010

Anthony's Rant 2010: Men Wearing (women's) UGG Boots

Welcome to Anthony's rant.

This takes place periodically throughout the year and yesterday's mall trip with the youth group brings up my newest yelling spree.
Here goes: 

Man with the big, brown, women's UGG Boots with your jeans tucked inside of them...please go back home and re- think this look.

I am almost certain that you thought you "rocked" this look but here is a little newsflash.  A dude in women's boots never looks cool.  And I am sure you can take that to the bank.  Trust me, you do not have to go to GQ or Men's Health and nervously look through the pages to find someone wearing what you wore yesterday.  You will have better luck if you went out looking for a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day than finding anyone or anything promoting the "UGG"  look for guys.

Sadly, when deciding whether to write about your UGG-ilish mistake the aspect that forced my fingers into typing was the fact that you had to tuck in your jeans -successfully exposing your UGGly decision.  This choice said to the world, "Hey YOU...Look down at my feet!!!  Do not notice anything else about me OTHER than my experiment with total UGGifying effects." 

Lastly, before you think that I am mean and off my rocker, you have to keep in mind that there are completely awesome boots that this guy could have chosen (including MEN's UGG Boots). 

So in summary. 
Guy with the women's boots. 
Please leave the mall. 
Do not pass Pass Go. 
Do not collect your $200. 
Just get in your car and speed home.  That is right. Speed. 
And please hope that on your way home, the fashion police do not pull you over because in this will go directly to jail. 

This has been Anthony's rant for December 2010 and boy did it feel good.

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