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Monday, July 30, 2012

Passive Agreement.

The Art of Passive Agreement:
When you go to a meeting, smile & nod your head while a decision is being made that you don't agree with. Then you go back to your office and do as little as possible to support that idea.

-Welcome to the world of sabotage.
---Welcome to why nothing gets done in your organization.

Yesterday morning, I challenged the congregation to move past the destructive pattern of passive agreement.  I brought to light the fact that there are many in the church that have lost their passion and have become too comfortable. 

And do you want to know something?

I can tell you with certainty a group that is not passive. 

---THE WORLD. That's who.

The world is the polar opposite when it comes to reaching out.
Have you noticed how focused they are?
They have a strategy to reach:
Young Adults

WHY ?  Because they know that if they get you young, they got you for life.
Yet, we in the church, the people that have been fed so much, have become lax in our faith.

-Today I end with a challenge. 
Read the Great Commandments & the Great Commission.
When you do, you will be listening to the Heart-Beat of Jesus. 

You will find that it's not about a set of rules, rather they are values that reflect the very heart of God.
Values, that should grasp our hearts.
Values, that should define the way we live our lives.

The Art of Passive Agreement should never be practiced in a church.
It goes against the grain of everything our Lord taught & practiced.

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