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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leadership Framework, Part 2

Today is the second part of Dov Seidman's Leadership Framework offered in his book, How.   If you happened to miss part one, go back to the post before this one to catch up up on the first 7 principles.


8.  Wield Charismatic Authority:
Seidman is not calling for any wild tactics here (thank goodness), he is simply highlighting the fact that all authority comes in one of two forms:
a.  Formal (Police, teachers, parents, Etc.).
b.  Charismatic (Not related to a position, but influence).
One is given. One cannot be taken away.  One is connected to rules, the other to values.
Just because you are not in a designated leadership position does not mean you cannot lead. Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is powerful!  Find your strength(s) & apply them whether you are the CEO or the Secretary. 

9.  Inspire:
People are motivated either intrinsically or extrinsically.  
-EXtrinsic motivation comes from the outside.  Things like money, cars, titles, Etc. are all forms of extrinsic motivation. 
-INtrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is a motivation that starts from within.  It is the hobby you start 1 pm on Saturday and end 1 am on Sunday and didn't even notice the time.  If you want to make waves, you must inspire others to find their intrinsic pulse.  Then, the old adage, "when you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life" will come true. 

10.  Be Principled:
Peter Drucker, leadership Guru, once stated, "Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable."    Being principled is better than just relying on a set of rules.  Following a process will leave you and your team energy-less.  A process is simply a set of rules that will lead you from one place to another.  It does not create energy, it just leaves you with whatever outcomes the process leads you to.  It is a lifeless journey, and it removes any personal responsibility from the person or group.

11.  Be Rigorous about the Truth of the Present:
I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this mantra, "But we have always done it that way around here..."  Blah Blah Blah, throw-up
Looking to the future will take risk(s).  And please do not misunderstand that last sentence.  I know that some people are unnecessary risk takers and I am not an advocate of that type of strategy at all.  Nonetheless, leadership / vision requires a constant look to the future and this will no doubt include change. 
Jesus, the greatest leader this Earth has ever knew, compounds this principle in Luke 14. "When any of you wants to build a house, you sit down and first see how much it will cost. You want to see if you have enough money to finish it..if you do not have enough money, you will not be able to finish it after you have made the foundation.  Then all the people who see it will laugh at you."

12.  Be Reflective:
Take a long look into the mirror.
--Self-Reflection is vital as a leader.  I really liked the TV show Monk about an OCD Detective that always found the bad buy because he noticed unusual things along the way.  After he would catch the villain, people would often praise him because of his gift of noticing the little details and quirks that others would pass over.  Monk would always reply with, "It's a blessing AND a curse."  As a leader, you must be intentional about surrounding yourself with people that will tell you the truth about yourself. This is often very painful, however, it is totally necessary if you want to achieve greatness.

13.  Go to the Point of NO Return:
Leadership can (and often times) be a very lonely place.  Remember the first quality in the Leaership Framework?  It was Vision.  Well, enlisting others is not the easiest thing to do.   Many times you will be the only person believing in you.  So bear in mind the old quote, "Shoot for the Moon, if  you miss, at least you'll hit a Star."

14.  Be Passionate & Optimistic:
Passion is the difference between paying 50 cents for a cup of coffee and $2.10 at Starbucks.  You will need passion to fuel you through the dark days.  When people see  that you believe, they will too.  Colin Powell has been credited as saying, "Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier." 

15.  Pursue Significance:
My life's purpose is as follows:

I am determined to live out my God-given talents & gifts, that I have been entrusted with from above, so that I may bless others and return glory back to the Gift giver. 

You will find no higher calling than when your life's endeavours match your Creator's.  God created you and I to submit to Him and His purposes in this life.  Use everything you got to reflect His glory while you are here on Earth.  In my estimation, one can follow all 14 of Seidman's values and still come up short (Adolf Hitler did...). 
-Living for a higher cause is the single vital ingredient that will give your life real significance.  Bearing this in mind, when your life's purpose merges with the heartbeat of God, you will not be just surviving ... you will be thriving

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength & mind.
Love your Neighbor as  yourself.
Go into all the world, baptizing and teaching people to observe all my ways.

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