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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Testimony

Life changed.
New Direction

When I fail, I fail forward.  Heart changed forever by God.  I sin daily.  More than I like to admit.  But every time I get up. I find my way back to You. 
I have a feeling it is because of you that I do this...

People have mocked me, put me down, and written me off...
But I'm still here.
You are the Compassionate One.
The One that Understands.
You meet me with perfection each and every day.

Taking up the cause.
In spite of myself, I go on.
Heart of a champion, following The Leader.  Every new endeavor in Your name. 
It's a cause to worthy to quit & a fight to noble to settle on.

Others may look and jeer...
But only by Your grace I dive into an uncertain future with boldness.

I am waiting. 
With eyes emboldened. Passionate.  Glorious. Like a prophet uttering a brighter future and waiting for brighter tomorrow...
For a future that is better than the Past.
Because that is what I've come to understand about  You.

King of newness.
Prince of tomorrows.
Glory to Glory.

I step into an eager future.
Knowing that I am not alone.
But in the line of great men and women that sought after You.

Take my hand as I take yours...
I am sure to let you down.
But I know that I cannot say the same thing about You.

Let's go together.
I'll take on your cause right here. Right now.

Nothing more noble.  Nothing more worthwhile.
I have dedicated my life to mirroring yours.
Forgive me when I get offtrack.
Restore me when I fail.
Bow down and gather me to Yourself.

Here is my life.
Use it.

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