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Monday, January 2, 2012

Anthony's New Year Resolution: Get Smoving!

Every once in a while you and I need a new motto. 
The one I am adhering to for 2012 is not very specific in nature but motivates me to be a better person. In 2012, I will become a Smover.   

Smover ('smoov-er) noun: 1. a person who smiles and moves 2. someone who matters to the world, all with a smile.

Let's break this down further: 

To smile is to...

-Be awake & engage others
-Be thankful
-Be approachable to others
-Complain less
-Smile (really)
To move is to...
-Start early and go long
-Exceed expectations
-Have a sense of urgency
-Be resourceful & resilient

Smile & Move™ poster

There you have it.
-Now get Smoving-


Martha Giffen said...

OK, I'm up to the challenge. I just became a smover!!

Ann Mullen said...

Cool new portmanteau word. I really like it, Anthony. I hope it catches on.

Anthony K said...

Let's get as many smovers as possible! said...

That was a smove move!

Kathy said...

I'm so In!-- new smover here in Prattville AL! Right on Anthony!

Cathy said...

I think I am a smover too now.

We have our New Years resolutions ON-TRACK it seems. Smove!