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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anthony is FAT

Let's keep this post short and sweet, like my Uncle Mario.

If I were to boil down leadership into 3 principals, I would use this simple pass-on-able acronym that sticks easily in your mind.

F:  is for Faithful.  Faithful to the cause, faithful to your people, faithful to God. 
A: is for Available.  Show up & show up often. 
T: is for Teachable.  This is huge.  This is the hinge that allows you to be flexible and open to learning new things.  Without a teachable attitude you become dry, rigid and set in your ways. 

Here is to getting FAT together in 2012! 

1 comment:

Kriti said...

I must be doing something right - cause I am teachable for sure... Love the humor in your post : )