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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tick or Treat? Basic Rules to Follow

Being a kid and going door to door on Halloween was just about one of the funnest times of the year for me.  None of us really put too much emphasis on our costumes.  It usually was just smearing some paint on our faces, throwing on an army shirt, putting on football spikes and then heading out to break all records of candy hording.

But I have noticed some alarming themes as of late. 
People are not following the sacred rules. 
Below I will log what I see as the downfall of trick or treating along with some advice.

1.  People seem to "dress up" less now.  How many people did you notice walk up to your door dressed in jeans and a hoodie and then hold out their sack for some candy?  Are you serious?    Put some effort into trick or treating and stop being so lazy.
Get off my porch!

2.  Kids who ARE NOT kids going trick or treat.  I really like this one.  When you see a 45 year old man dressed up in a Gorilla suit standing right in front of you.  Dude, I can see your massive mustache and when you speak you sound like you have been smoking for the last 18 years.  Get off my porch!

3Brats who do not SAY trick or treat.  Are you serious!?  You can't even follow through with the Halloween ethic!?  Let me get this get dressed up, you walk for miles and when it comes to the point of actually getting within 1 foot of the prize, you just hold out your bag and look at me??  Come on!  This would be like in a football game intercepting the pass, running 90 yards to the end zone and then stopping at the one yard line.  Follow through is key.   It's trick or treat...say the words or Get off my porch!

4.  Finally, the last rule that really gets me.  Parents that drive their lazy kids around. Parents, do you really feel the need to drive your kid(s) around the block in the car?  Please keep the car at home and use those things on the bottom of your legs called feet.  Look, if you and your kids will ever need to burn off calories it will be on Halloween!  Either old-school it by walking or get off my porch

5.  This one is by far the worst.   This combines all four of the above.  When the old, UNdressed, no follow through drive around is standing right in front of you with an open bag.   There can be no words to describe this person..other than Unemployed and most likely friendless.   Get off my porch! 


Elisabeth said...

What about, say, the cute little shy 4 year old that is all dressed up, but has a hard time talking to strangers?
I'd give that child candy every time!

Anthony K said...


Good point. I was writing about people who just do not care. Like you, I would happily give the candy to the little one!

Amy Snyder said...

I totally agree except for the dressed up adult. I figure if they are willing to take the time/effort to put on a costume and walk, I'll give them candy!!
What really irks me is the people who drive their kids around. Get off your lazy butt and teach your children that you gotta work, or in this case walk, to earn that treat!!

Anthony K said...

Amy you are 100 percent correct! I have to go back and add this to my list!

Can't believe I missed that one!! said...

So, let me get this straight.
You are complaining that our kids are as indolent as their parents? That they feel everything is their entitlement? And, you are surprised, why? :-)