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Monday, November 15, 2010

Confession of a Dad (to be)

Christen and I just got through a weekend with TWO baby showers.  After the first one, my house looked like a herd of angry Buffalo's taking the liberty to graze in it and after the second, something much worse was taking parents were over to visit. 

Lets go over some of the interactions yesterday just to qualify the above statement:

DAD's Advice on setting up the crib:  "Set it up far from the window -just in case a hunter shoots and the bullet strays.  You don't want the baby right in front of the is less protection." 

MOM's Advice on (just about anything):  "Do you want macaroni's AND chicken or just macaroni's."  Mind you, this is taking place while carrying 100 lb boxes of baby stuff.

CHARLIE'S Advice:  Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Chirp, Bark, Bark, get the idea.

OK, so all 3 leave, and I am left setting up the crib.  As this event is taking place, a thought floods my mind.     
'This baby is not even here and it is already taking over my life!'

Panic sets in, so I have to ignore it and dig down and continue my job as crib architect.

See, setting up the crib was a big event for me.

The reason is, I have a history of destroying objects and failing Shop Class.  And believe me, these thoughts were right behind me, sneaking up and letting me know that I am terrible at these kind of things ... all of this left me feeling a bit insecure.

Regardless, "I am about to be a dad" I thought, and if I can read Hebrew and Greek, then I could read the instructions for my baby!  So 3 (or 4) hours latter...tada! 

The Crib is up and ready for the baby. 

                                      The question is, will I be? 

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