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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 Year Makeover

I have heard it said that the only difference between where you now and in 10 years will be determined by:
1.  The Books you read
2.  The People you surround yourself by

I believe this to be true.

Just reflecting on my life, I have grown into a more mature man by choosing to suround myself with people who have high standards, goals and purposes.  This was an intentional action on my part.  And I believe it has paid off.  In science, they talk about "gravitational pull" and this also applies to your relationships.  I have seen so many people hang around folks who simply do not share any common values with them and in the end, they are "pulled down" to a lower level. 

The Bible talks about "not being yoked together with unbelievers."  And I think the main idea can be found in the word, "yoke."  

A  yoke is used to keep two animals working closely together (say plowing a field in unison) that in any other case, would not be doing so.  So the Apostle Paul, urges Christians not to be yoked or joined together with unbelievers.  This may sound strikingly old fashion or odd today, but if you think about this, how many problems have you experienced simply because you did not listen to this advice?  I know many married couples, where one is a believer and the other is not, where constant friction occurs in the household.  The reason is not found on the surface level, but below it. It has to do with their individual belief system and your belief system is where you get your values, morals, ethics...

Right now, reflect on your life.  Who are you surrounding yourself with? 
-Do they share your values?
-Do they bring you down?
-Or do they lift you up?
-Is it time you start making some life choices that will point your life in a better direction?

Remember, when in a healthy relationship, that person will bring out the best in you and will challenge you to be a better person. 

In the beginning of this blog, I noted that there are two things that will make the difference between you now and in 10 years.   The other is what you read.  You just accomplished that element while reading this!  So you are off to a good start!  Keep it up! 

And always, I am open to suggestions, questions & comments!

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