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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prepare for your Destiny

Abe Lincoln once said, "I will prepare and some day my chance will come."
Many people feel like God has something special for them in their future. Maybe it is an inkling of one's imagination or a dream deep within one's heart. But certain folks out there have this feeling that at times is hard to express and difficult to define...especially to others. Reading about our 16th President, I found that Lincoln had this sense of destiny. Abe was said to have read everything he could get his hands on and was an avid learner. When questioned about his thirst for knowledge, he responded, "The way for a man to rise is to improve himself every way he can." For Abe, destiny prepared was destiny served. Do you have something special in your heart? Is there a certain dream that you just cannot shake? Then go for it with everything that you have.
-Start today...scratch that...start right now-
Prepare for your destiny like Abe did. Along life's path you will certainly find naysayers, negativity and jealously. But the key is to keep your eyes on your goal and to push past the dream killers. Remember in the end, it is just you looking in the mirror ... and God. If God has put a fire inside of your soul, then like a flame that needs only a spark to rawer, let it burn.!

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