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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Examples of the 3 Myths in the Bible

Yesterday, I wrote about 3 myths most all of us believe. For each myth, I followed up with a truth statement. Well, for those of you "if it is not in the Bible types" below is an example of those myths being torn apart by a team of Israelites coming together to build the Tabernacle. After being delivered from slavery, the Israelites were given instruction by God to build a pretty elaborate Tabernacle. In Exodus 31, we read that "God appointed, by name, 2 men who were filled with God's wisdom and Spirit and ability in every craft ..." (v. 1-11) The point here is that these two men used their God-given unique gifts to help the team of Israelites. Think about it, these 2 guys were around long before the building of the Tabernacle and we never hear a word about them. But when it came time to start building and finding skilled craftsman...TA-DA! This is the way it should be. Paul the Apostle says that the Church is like a body and that although the body is one it is made up of many parts (I Cor. 12). The 2 men mentioned in Exodus were using their unique skills to better the team.
What are your unique skills?
What have others told you about yourself that confirms this skill?
Now, find a way to utilize that skill. When God entrusts you with a gift, He does so in order that you may use it in His Kingdom work. Just like Bezalel and Oholiab did.

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