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Monday, August 9, 2010

3 Myths Worth Noting

Myth One: As you grow, your personality changes:
-The truth is, as you grow, you become more of who you already are. Your values, skills, your self-awareness, and some of your behaviours may change. But the most dominant aspects of your personality will remain the same. Is it time you accept you for you and make peace with the person you were created to be(come)?
Myth Two: You will grow the most in your areas of greatest weakness.
-The truth is, you will grow the most in your areas of your greatest strength. You will be the most inquisitive, most resilient, most creative, and most open to learning in your areas of strength. If you find out what inspires you, pursue it at all costs...
Myth Three: A good team member does whatever it takes to help the team.
-The truth is that a good team member deliberately volunteers his/her strengths to the team most of the time. A great team member is not well rounded. The great team is well rounded, precisely because each great team member is not. Try putting Derek Jeter in right field and watch how his performance drops. He brings his one area of expertise to his team and and so do the rest of the Yanks' --that is why they are great every year.
*From, Go, Put Your Strengths To Work by M. Buckingham

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