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Monday, June 7, 2010

Theory Y or Theory X

So there are these two theories about work developed by Douglas McGregor. Namely that either a person will really like to work and the boss will just need to find what really motivates that person or that a person will despise work and basically just shows up to do his or her "duty" for a paycheck. For this person, a boss will need to find the proverbial carrot stick and place it out in front of him or her for motivation. So all this Y and X stuff got me thinking about myself and I started to self-reflect. When I was a senior in high school, I began attending a local youth group and in that short period of time, came to a place in my life where Jesus kind of showed up in a major way and took over my life.
Since that encounter I have never been the same.
He gave me a sense of purpose that was never there. He gave me direction when there was literally none.
Another funny thing started to happen to me at the same time and (not kidding) I actually started to read. Book after book, page after page. It started with the Bible. Then it overflowed into anything Christian. That was over 10 years ago and I have not stopped. If anything, I have increased my desire to know Him. This applies to my work also. Whether it is in my office, at home, or --you plug in the context-- I love to fill my mind with the things of our Lord. There is no one telling me to do this. There is no one I am trying to be like. It comes from deep within my heart and for that I am glad. So I guess, I'm a Theory Y kind of guy and that is because what Jesus started on October 6th 1996.

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